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Season Overview

November 1

The new water year begins Nov. 1. GLIC will begin filling Reservoirs for the next year after Nov. 1 if the priority allows. Generally, GLIC doesn't begin filling until March.

GLIC Annual Stockholders Meeting

The Annual Stockholders meeting is held in January of each year. The next annual meeting will be determined in the fall but usually the third week in January. Lately, we've held the Annual Stockholders meeting at the City of Evans banquet room.


As the warmer weather approaches we are gearing up for the spring run off. We are starting to acquire burn permits and getting canals ready to fill Reservoirs.


At the May Board of Directors Meeting, the Board will discuss initial water dividends. Also in mid-May, GLIC has an early hay run. It is important to note the hay run will usually last 10 days if the minimum order is met (45 cfs).


Generally, the Greeley Loveland Ditch starts up for the season around the first or second week of June. GLIC will use direct river priority water and water from the reservoirs to supply the demand from irrigators. By this time the reservoirs are full and more dividends are made at the Board meetings.


By this time GLIC typically "loses the river" which means we are not in priority. This results in having to rely on the reservoirs to meet the demand for the rest of the season.

September 20th

GLIC will shut down the ditch around the 20th of Sept. The following months are spent by completing much-needed repairs and upkeep along the system.

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